Website on webflow disappeared

is anyone else having issues with webflow sine january 1st?
my email and website is down and no answer from support email.
just wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue.

When you say your email is down, it makes me immediately think there might be an issue with your domain, likely unrelated to Webflow. Can you elaborate?

I used to have a hosting company for my old website. I moved to Webflow platform and I am paying $5 bucks extra to Webflow every month for being able to use my existing domain name. I checked with “whois” and I have paid until 2018 to have my domain name.
It looks like since January 1st, my emails and website are not working. I did contact my old website hosting company and they’re saying it is a DNS problem. I don’t understand why this is happening.
I hope this help, I can explain more details if needed. Isn’t Webflow taking care of the hosting and with the extra $5 taking care if those?

Hey @rafdesign have you updated your Domain Name Server settings already? Here’s a quick walk through on setting up custom domains wit Webflow.

Also the Webflow team is currently on vacation (for New Years) and will be back tomorrow morning for their normal operating hours of Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm PST.

For setting your company email up, that cannot be done through Webflow but must be done through another provider such as Google or other third party.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

You might want to check your registrar.

Your registrar is

A trace to your site says it’s being hosted in the Central African Republic…
in Africa.

Did you pay your domain fee ?

Hi Waldo, I did these steps a few months ago and everything was working fine. As for my email, I use Google gmail pro with my own domain name. On the whois page it shows that my domain name is registered until 2018.
…the extra $5 that I have been paying since 6 months, what is it for exactly? I feel it doesn’t do much.

I know it’s I already called them today and I was told that something is wrong with the DNS and my current website, which is Webflow thing.
As for Central Africa, I have no idea what this is! Where did you see that? Sounds exotic!!

does sound exotic. but probably not to much fun for you.
been there. done that. that’s why i offer dns services with my websites.

dns is controlled by

  1. your registrar, then
  2. you

if when a visitor types in your url… and they do not appear at a webflow server
it is…

  1. an issue with your registrar or
  2. with your settings

it could be a webflow issue. but in order to say that… you must first prove it is not your registrar… or you

sorry. you haven’t done so. yet

that’s the way it works.

seems you are still down.
what settings did you change at enom.

Thanks for checking.
I did follow some page I found on a webflow forum.
Here is a screen grab of enom:

Please check your publish settings on Webflow :smiley:

the values in enom look right.
i think @PixelGeek is about this

thanks for your help. My website is working again.

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