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Website not showing right in published version

For some reason my website is showing a blank screen when published, see below the link sand let me know if you can help. Thanks

Here is my public share link:
(how to access public share link)

I think you are not supposed to put stuff directly in the background video element.

It has worked before in previous sites. Is there maybe something else I’m doing wrong?

hey @setsocial

  1. Try to set a defined width and height for the section that contains the video. that is 100% width and 100vh.
  2. Set Position:Absolute and Z-Index:0 to the background video element and give it a width and height of 100% or whichever unit that will fill the window as desired
  3. Set Z-Index:1 to all other elements i.e. the two dropdowns and the social div so that they are layered above the background video

NB: Do not put other elements inside BG Video element. Arrange them as desired with the main section as the wrapper.

You should be golden on export now.

I feel like i’m missing a trick here. I’ve published and now at least we can see something but the + sign has disappeared, the dropdowns don’t open and there is still no video!

Any help will be much appreciated!

@setsocial Let me whip up something for you to refer to.

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