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Website not showing in internet explorer properly


Could someone check a look at my site in IE and see why its not displaying how it should? it shows correctly in Firefox and chrome.

The navbar is the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Anyone got any ideas?



You are using Flexbox.

IE does not support Flexbox.

Most designers have already abandoned trying to make their site supported on IE because it is ancient technology and as long as the audience you target does not have a wide range use of IE, I would not worry about it.

IE is terrible.

^ fact

Hope this explains why you are having the issue. :wink:

here is the support table for Flexbox:

Perfect, thanks guys

@PixelGeek @VladimirVitaliyevich

I’m a little confused tho, as I don’t have flexbox on the box which is causing the issue?

I can’t test it in IE, what does it do?


Thanks for the reply, I’ve attached a screenshot.


Give it a float:left maybe, adjust with a margin if you need.

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