Website not rendering correctly on fetch as Google bot GSC

I have been wondering many a time why my search rankings are consistently poor… A major factor that I never considered until now is how the Google bot sees the website.

The result I get from fetch and render from the GSC looks like this:

The services page is entirely filled by the first section element with a set height of 100vh. I read that Google has trouble with this and so have tried setting the min-height to 100% but without the body itself having a fixed height; the section no longer filled the viewport. min-height to 100vh also covers all the content on the page. Setting a height for the body also did not help.

How can I have a full height section/div/anything whilst also ensuring that google is able to read the page correctly?

Thanks in advance!

I would like to know more about this as well, my website shows up the same way on Fetch as Google.

Have you since figured out a way to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!

Try to set a max-height to 1080px for example. Leave height at 100vh an min-height blank. More Information:!topic/webmasters/jXqRcnWN8Ng

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