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Website not rendering correctly on all browsers and devices

Hello all,

I’m new to Webflow and have done by best to build my site, but am finding that various elements aren’t working or are misaligned when viewed across difference devices and browsers, despite adjusting the site across all responsive views.

I’ve been told by someone else on this forum that my website hasn’t followed best practice for the hierarchy/layout of a website (eek!), which I’m not surprised by as I’m new to web design…is there any way someone could help provide me with some basic guidance on what principles I haven’t followed or how I can start correcting this so I can be confident it will look suitable on all devices? Any thoughts or feedback would be AMAZING as I’m at a loss of what more I can do to get it working properly!

Here is my link:

Live website:

Thank you :slight_smile:


@nataliejadestudio - > Testing your site across multiple devices is a tedious and necessary process. Personally I do testing with Then make adjustments based on device use percentages on down.

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Great, thank you I’ll take a look at Browser Stack now! Do you happen to have any thoughts on how the hierarchy or structure can be improved on my site?