Website not refreshing on computer

This is a new one and it drove me nuts wasting an hour thinking the DNS settings were wrong. On my desktop when I go to I get an error page saying the website is not available complete with a dreamhost robot. If I put the www. before then it works fine

The wierd part is that I get this error on multiple browsers. But only on this desktop. I have checked the site and others have checked it on various computers and devices. The site works fine. Except on this desktop. AI have done a clear cache restarted the computer, and even did a boot down. I still get this error on every web browser.

I can’t even figure out the logic in this. Is there somewhere where cache from all the browsers is being stored that is not emptying or refreshing?

any ideas?


Hi @jbleroux, make sure to set the WWW as the default domain, see here:

After setting www as the default domain, republish the site. After that is done, let me know in case there is still an issue.

Thanks in advance!

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