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Website Not Opening On Windows 7

Hello everyone, is my website, when I start to open my website on any Windows 7 PC, it is showing ‘not secure’ in the URL. Is this a browser issue? Since my SSL is all valid I have checked it from my hosting company as well as online validators. Does anyone have any idea, how to solve the issue?

Welcome to the community @Winston_Walter!

What browser are you using? I can’t say for sure why you’re experiencing the issue, however it’s worth noting that Windows 7’s “end of life” date was back in January of last year so it’s possible that a combination of the older OS and your browser could be the issue here.

I checked here on my end (Newest version of Chrome on 2020 MacBook) and it’s showing a valid SSL certificate.

Your website is a wordpress site serving a wordpress theme. Nothing that I can see that is related to Webflow at all. Can’t see a way we can help.