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Website not linking with Cloudflare

Hi Webflow world,

I recently put my client’s site on Cloudflare and entered the DNS settings the hosting section in Project Settings asks for, but it’s been well over 18 hours and it’s not linking. The website is working as far as I can tell, so I’m a bit confused as to what’s happening. I’ve attached the DNS settings page for reference and the website is here:

I’m not as tech savvy as I should be, I’m just a (new) designer. Any help would be VERY much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Don’t use SSL on webflow with Cloudflare.

It’s an e-commerce website, I don’t have the option of taking that off.

Hello @Andy_Gagne

I think that you need to use DNS only.

Try and let me know. Give the domain some time to connect.

Piter :webflow_heart:


YES!!! You are the master of my little universe right now! Thank you!

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No problem! Happy to help

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So to clarify… are you turning your ssl on via webflow or cloudflare or both?

Thanks… only if they made it more understandable that we could swithc that jus by clicking. It solved the problem for me too.