Website not found

Hi guys,

I have a problem with my website
Though I access is with no problems with all domain variations (http://, https://. http:/www, https://www) I observed that in some countries my website is not accessible, and also I am getting errors with search console and google ads.

On google ads I get:
Destination not working
-Platform: iOS
-HTTP error 301
-Find URL:
-Expanded URL

Settings for the domain: 14400 IN A 14400 IN CNAME 14400 IN A

I ran some tests on DNS checker and everything looks ok.

I am pretty much lost on how to troubleshoot this. Any ideas what is wrong?


Hey! I was unable to access your website and ran through the exact same error/problem while initially setting up my website, too. I was able to fix this issue by contacting my domain host, I had to contact them twice about the issue but after the second attempt all i needed to do was wait 24 hours and it was up and running! I used their chat feature. If you have done everything Webflow has told you to do, you should be alright here.

If the A records and CNAME are correct, there is nothing else that can be done from the domain provider.