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Website not displaying correctly in android browser

The website is currently displaying correctly in all browsers i have tested it on except for the default android phone browser. The sliding navbar when pressing the navbar button (the one that defaults to three lines) will open the menu as it should but it also reloads the page. Additionally the home page which consists of fixed images that link to other parts of the site will not appear in the proper position and will appear at a random size that varies every time the page is refreshed.
sorry for my english its not my first language

Hi @slayeroffrog, thanks for reaching out on the forum. Can you share two additional things:

  1. Your published site url
  2. Your project public link, which you can enable from Site Settings, “Enable public link” and then copy that link and paste here into the forum topic.

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave and others, i don’t have Android, but i hear my website is not working in it?!? Can you let me know what what i did wrong?