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Website not Displaying because of css?

Hi guys,

This is my first post here.

I’m sure that the question is very basic, but I could find the links/topics that can help me with it.

I have designed a website using a purchased theme from Webflow, and have exported the codes to be parked inside my existing hosting.

The problem is that the web pages are not displaying correctly, only the texts are visible.
I’m placing the files inside a folder within an existing website that runs on Wordpress (planning to disable the Wordpress version once this is okay).

Everything looks fine if I just run from my laptop locally.

If anyone can point me to the right directions/solutions, would very much appreciate it.

How it should look like: (

How it looks now: (

Thanks in advance!

The assets like your CSS file are not available at the path they are configured to be. You have to move the assets to the correct location on your server or update the URL paths in the code so you don’t have 404 (not found) errors.


Thank you very much Jeff!

Have a great day!