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Website not appearing in Chrome

I recently changed my client’s website host from Squarespace to 1&1. It successfully redirects in Safari but I get an error message when I type in the URL in Chrome - see screenshot.

I’ve unlinked our domain with SS and double checked with 1&1 that the redirect is working fine. It seems to only happen to previous visitors to the site (through Chrome) when it was hosted with SS. We’ve tried deleting our cookies but we have to delete Chrome from our desktops and then reinstall it to get to the site through Chrome. Obviously we don’t want to tell every previous visitor to do this to visit the site again! Any ideas what is wrong??!?!

Welcome to the community @Emma21!

Depending on how recently you updated the registrar this is probably a propagation problem, but when I tried to access the URL in your screenshot I land on the page you linked in your post without issue.

DNS propagation is typically done in an hour or two, but most troubleshooting recommends you wait 24-72 hours just to be sure. I’d imagine that was the case here and if it was just transferred when you made your original post it has had enough time to completely propagate :+1: