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Website navigation that doesn't interrupt playing media

Hi all,

I am designing a radio station website, and they are keen to have a “sticky” audio player on all pages that live streams what’s currently on air.

Naturally, if I click on another page in the Nav menu while listening in the audio player, it will stop the stream as it loads the new page.

I was wondering - is there any way to make the navigation/links so it doesn’t reload the page? I didn’t think this was possible until I saw this website (click on “LISTEN LIVE” and then navigate to another link).

If anyone knows how to achieve this in Webflow, that would be greatly appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hey @KaiLovel

Not sure, but here’s some info >


Piter :webflow_heart:

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Hi @KaiLovel.
I’m looking for something similar to my website. Did you manage to find a radio player that will not stop the stream as it loads the new page?

Unfortunately, not! I didn’t properly explore the links above so maybe start there?