Website migration to Webflow


I’m building a new version of my website in Webflow, my old one is in Weebly.

Does someone know where I put my 301 redirects from my old URL’s to my new ones? Do I add them in Webflow, in Weebly, or at my registrar? All guides seem to skip where to add the redirects.

Furthermore, do I dare to change meta descriptions during the migration or should I use the old ones til the new website is indexed and then change?

Hi Zach

You add the 301 in webflow in site setting : publishing.
To bulk import 301 for big site use the Finsweet extention, so you can upload a CSV file for all redirects.

Save lot of time for big site migration

Cool thanks!!! Helps a lot.

Do you think I can change my meta descriptions while doing the migration or should I leave it all original to change it after googles indexing? Id like to change it now, however, I’m scared that it will hurt the SEO.

I am not a SEO expert at all. But my instinct tells me that on page with good rank don’t touch : famous dev rules : " if it works don’t touch" and change it for others ones…

If you are providing accurate and relevant meta descriptions that don’t violate the guidance provided by search engines like Google then it should be a non-issue to change them as needed.