Website meta image not updating

Dear Webflowers

I made a website for a coach recently, and the metatags are not updating.
Specifically, the website meta image / OG image, is not updating.
We set the domain to without a meta image initially, as client still had to provide it.
I later helped him set it up, but I noticed almost a month later it’s still not working.
The graph image in the Webflow designer is set to an Imgur.
It does not have any password, and anyone with the link can open.

Anyone know what is the problem?
Site in question:


Hey Neils, your question isn’t clear. What platform are you struggling to get your og:image to appear on? What is the og:image you desire to appear?

Here’s what FB is showing;


All platforms, on you can see it cannot fetch the og image for some reason.
If I send it in discord, it does not show any picture…

Kind Regards,


Was that the correct image above?
You’re not being clear on what you’re expecting to see.

If that’s the correct image, than the problem is not your meta tags, it’s more likely the image size or format you’ve provided. Every platform is different in what it prefers.

Yeah the image is correct, I don’t know how you got it!

If i send it on discord, or whatsapp, there is no meta image embed showing up at all just like in metatags.

Kind Regards,


You need to research the platforms you want to support and make certain the image has a supported minimum size, aspect ratio, and type. I have some notes on this here, but they change regularly.

Then check it in each platform’s debugger, as you may need to clear its cached image if you’ve changed it.

Thanks, found the issue.

Looks like Imgur image does not have a defined length/width for whatever reason.

Informed client to upload a webflow image itself, lets see!