Website looks great except in Windows Microsoft Edge and Android devices


I just helped build this awesome site!

And it looks great! Except for Android and Windows systems and hardware.

When I tested the site on my end, everything was looking great and good to go. When the client got the site and opened it on their Windows computer in the Microsoft Edge browser, the buttons became unaligned, and there was a weird sliver of blue under images.

Is there a way to fix this? I don’t have these devices, what is a low-cost way to test for these issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Others that are similar. “Low cost” is relative to your annual billing. We’ll enable an account when the client has specific browser requests/challenges. Cost is passed along to client just like any other business operates.

I’d probably use pixels for padding on those button.

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So REMs are not suitable for all Browsers?

I think it can render differently. I’m thinking it’s worth testing the change to check.