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Website looks completely different on Android

Hi guys!
I’m having massive trouble with my site showing up whacky on Android devices using Chrome. On Mac / Chrome and Iphones /Chrome, it’s working perfectly.
Please help since it’s supposed to go live as soon as possible and this is a disaster…

Here is my site Read-Only

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Hallo Viktoria!
I compared the designer view for mobile with the emulated mobile version in chrome desktop, as well as native android chrome. They look alike, could not see the issues. Can you provide some screens?

Grüße aus Köpenick!

Hi, thanks so much for the super speedy reply!
(I’ll just continue in English, so that others can still read along, okay?)
These are screenshots from two different android phones …

Thanks for any further help und viele Grüße aus Moabit :slight_smile:

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Interesting, the published page on berliner-kunstsommer is not available to me, the site in WF does not feature this dark theme.

I see this on chrome (desk & mobile)

However, the issue is that your slider’s mask has the overflow set to visible, which will show all slides concatenated to the right.
Set it to hidden and the page should be displayed correctly!

Thanks for the tip, i fixed that.

Yes, I unpublished it again so the disastrous layout wouldn’t be out there. I’m hosting on Webflow but the domain was bought by my client on Strato, could that possibly be a reason?
I republished it just now so that you can have a look at the address if it’s not too much to ask …

I just checked!
Are you sure you set the overflow:hidden on the .mask element? Make sure it is, then the issue will resolve!

Your WF designer says you did, may try to republish the site. I changed the overflow in devtools and it was fixed immediately

It seems to look good now, at least the layout, no idea what happened with the colour. Thank you so much for your help!

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