Website loading Issue: CSS Files Not Loading For Some Users

Hey All,

We are seeing sporadic issues loading the home page of our website ( where CSS files are not loading correctly breaking page rendering for some users. It appears that files hosted on are sometimes failing to load due to a certificate error: (failed)net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID.

Is someone else dealing or has dealt with this same issue and knows how to resolve it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


@Ian - Do not share credentials with someone on the forum. Puts your site and ownership at risk.

You can share a read only but you really need to open a ticket with Webflow. They maintain their infrastructure, not anyone else.

@webdev It looks like Ian’s using a reverse proxy setup.
I remember you pointing out cert renewal problems there if you have your site configured for SSL. Would that also impact asset hosting in some way?

Doesn’t quite make sense to me as it’s a different hostname, so it may be an entirely unrelated problem.

They look to be reverse proxying a domain which would be against the TOS so I am not going to waste my time looking further.

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