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Website load slow and poor performance

Hi all,
I recently built a website for a client. I used a google chrome extension called “lighthouse” to test the site performance and the result came out poorly. There are some integrations like jotform, wistia video, youtube video, lotties, and some cms collections on the home page. I tried to troubleshoot by removing some of those elements but the results came out the same.
At this point I’m stuck and don’t now what needs to be done to fix the issue. Thank you in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Parting Pro
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Can you send me your website live link

Hey! Thanks for the quick reply. Here is the live link:

@KasonN k let me check

third party integration is blocking your website speed. Click On Project setting >Project Setting
then click on hosting tab >hosting and at the end minify all the css and js

Hi @Moheen
Thanks so much for your quick respond. I do have minify css and js selected but still make no different

Your can check here PageSpeed Insights

huhm… it’s strange. PageSpeed gives me a good result but when I switch back to lighthouse, it’s very poor. Do you know why?

Lighthouse is run locally from your browser to the server versus Google’s page speed insights (also lighthouse) which is run from the cloud. The difference is based on the network used. One can expect PSI to be a more accurate gauge of user experience.

Hi @webdev,
Thank you for your reply. Would you be able to help me with the issue I’m having with the site? I followed what @Moheen told me but still didn’t work

Hi @webdev @Moheen
Any suggestions of how to fix this?

If your internet sucks, lighthouse testing results can be affected. Use Page Speed Insights instead. Then follow the advise it provides to improve performance. Somethings you can change with Webflow while other things you can. There are plenty of posts on this topic and I have answer many. If you need optimization services then hire someone. It’s a service I provide as well.