Website layout not working properly on Kindle Fire 7 / Galaxy S5 Size


I’m ensuring my website is responsive across different screen sizes. It all works fine on Mobile size apart from Kindle Fire 7 / Galaxy S5 size. Whatever changes I make, buttons appear right at the very edge of the screen. It’s unaffected by padding, making my Flexbox vertical, using a grid, changing the positioning etc.

Here’s a vid with some of the issues:

Can anybody work out why it’s not changing on that specific size?

The issue persists on the published version.


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The problem is that Samsung Galaxy S5 is quite an old phone and the app isn’t optimized well for that phone. The app is very glitchy and it has a lot of problems even on new phones. I would recommend you to buy Kindle Fire starting with the second generation of Kindle Oasis. I have my Kindle for 2 years and I am very pleased that I bought it. It saved the space in my house and also it saved my time. Before I got my Kindle I was ordering books online, and I was always waiting some days before the book was delivered. Now I just download them right on my Kindle. If you are interested just watch some kindle oasis review.

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I also have a Kindle book and I`m so satisfied that bought it

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Okay great thanks for the info - seems to be working properly now too so perhaps just was a glitch as you suggested!