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Website Launch Day! Looking for feedback

Hello guys,

We’ve just officially launched our first Webflow project! You can find it on the showcase here:

Any feedback would be much appreciated, comments (and maybe a like if you think we’ve done a good job).

Thanks so much,

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@somethingfamiliar welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your launch! We love seeing what people do with webflow around here. Looks great. I would like to read more about what you did for each project as you click on it.
I did move your topic from the ‘feedback’ category to ‘show and tell’, 'feedback is purely for giving feedback about webflow as a product.

Hey Sarah,

You can read more about the projects when you click the ‘Info / +’ button (bottom left) – that opens up a hidden menu with all of the info. If this isn’t clear then this maybe something we need to consider.

We opted for full screen images with the option of opening information on the indivudal projects to really showcase the visuals.


Thanks so much for the first bit of feedback. Will be interesting to see if this is an issue for more people.


ah, found it! Do take a look at the sizing of your info sections, they appeared with a scroll bar on my laptop, not the best look :slight_smile:

Ahh that’s weird, thanks so much Sarah. This is really useful.

This may be an issue with overflow. Will check it out. Strange, we’ve tested it on various machines and this hasn’t come up. I’ll keep your screen shot as ammunition to post on here later on if we can’t solve it.


Could you test this for us again and paste what comes up please. Should be sorted now.

looks perfect now, no scroll bars anymore :tada: