Website keywords partially fetching - TOTALLY WIRED

Hello, I have a website “” designed and hosted at webflow.

I seem to have found a very serious issue on the website related to SEO. And i am sure, this is stopping me to rank on Google Search since months and i have just noticed today.


  1. My website target keyword is " Best Smart TV".

  2. I have implemented this keyword in Meta title, description, H1 and paragraph.

  3. While i am trying to check the keyword density of my webpage on different sites like:

  1. I am able to notice, The keyword is shown partially.

  2. For example, My keyword " Best Smart TV" is shown as “Best Smart” only.

  3. TV” is missing. Reference in the image attached.

  4. I have tried multiple sites to verify the same. But all of the sites are showing the same error.


I somewhere feel something is blocking me for this word “TV”

I wish if the community could help me faster. Thanks in advance.