Website issue on mobile(iPhone models mainly)

Hi All

I ve got an issue with my clients website from there end the site doesnt respond particular well on iphone pro 11 and X but i ve done my own testing on both these models and iphone 10 and sent them proof video screen recordings which others have provided for the main isses is the model on the pages focus in and also on the brands page when they close the modal(pop up) it pushes the conbent to the left and scales it to half the size.

I have just discovered a similar problem on my mobile home page.
Other pages are working fine but on the home page when I zoom in it does not want to comeback to the iPhone screen size.

Another issue now only been discover is when the nav menu is open and you scroll it goes into added whitespace, this is I am aware a Safari issue in general and I haven’t found a resolution to it to make for the client.