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Website is opening partially scrolled down (Picture)

Hi Webflow Community!

My website is not starting at the top in design mode OR published mode. Even the thumbnail in my dashboard displays it scrolled down a little bit (see screenshot, below). It seems to have something to do with the video I just added via Google Slides, because it appears that the video is vertically centered in the frame. Anyone experienced this, or can inspect the code of my video iFrame and see where I went wrong?

I have an unrelated issue where I can’t get the video to autoplay every time I publish, but occasionally it works. I will create another thread for that, if it persists… unless someone can address that issue too. Read only link is below.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @mtchdrr Mitch, from what I can see it does for me what you are explaining. Try removing your Navigation out of the empty Section. You have it as a Symbol, but you don’t really need it in a Section block. When I remove it from that, everything seems to work. Also, in your embed code, the (allow=autoplay) needs to be in double quotes like this, allow=“autoplay”. Once you do that it will play properly.

Also, another thing I saw (which you didn’t mention in here) is that your menu didn’t have the center feature on Auto. Also, I created a video, take a look. There is some pausing in the videos, I was looking and not talking, sorry!


Brandon - thank you so much for your detailed video. Your insights are very helpful! I used containers to keep everything neat and aligned, but I see why using a wider div block, instead of a container, would be more friendly for big screens. I didn’t want to have to make every element responsive and full width, but I’ll look into that moving forward.

The problem you pointed out with the hero image is really just due to the unfortunate quality and crop of the photo… I originally designed this with a higher res photo that the client provided for another page, but they insisted on using that one.

Unfortunately none of this fixed the issue of the page loading down at the Services section, instead of at the top. When I hide/delete the iFrame for the video, it works fine. So, I’m positive it has something to do with this element.

Here is my temp site so you can see exactly how it loads, and why its a problem:

Have you thought about uploading your video to a service like YouTube or Vimeo and then using the Video widget built into Webflow? That would eliminate your iFrame issue.

This was just posted on the forum, you might be able to use this code for your problem.

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Thanks again for your efforts, I appreciate the response. I have considered using Youtube, and originally had it inserted that way, but the client didn’t want to have suggested videos appear at the end of the video. I couldn’t, for the life of me, get it to loop infinitely, which would have solved that problem, even using youtube’s looping tag. Nor did they want to buy a pro Vimeo account, so we settled on hosting it on a Google Drive.

I might use the technique in that video you shared, but it still doesn’t solve the scrolling problem.

Hi there. There is an autoplay and loop code you can add to end of every YouTube Video. I have done it with some other sites I have used. Ill add it here:

Example code:[Video ID#]&autoplay=1&loop=1

This way you wouldnt have to use Google Slides to host and then have an iFrame to cause issues.