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Website is not responsive on mobile

Hi there!

I have some issues with the responsive part of the site on mobile phone.
The screenshot below i from an iPhone 12pro max.

I dont know what exactly the issue is there on the right site…

Almost impossible to diagnose the issue if we don’t have a read-only file.

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Didnt know about that. Thank You! Here is the link:

Looks like the Big Gradient Blur Wrapper is outside the parent

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Thanks for replying Jim! But i couldnt fix it. Here visible what i did.
I think its not only this. there is something else as well.

I would really appreciate if you could help me

Be more than happy to do so. Solving broken design is an excellent learning process.

I learned long ago that trying to change the layout of themes and especially templates can cause quite a mess.

I’ve seen many sites with the same issue as yours. I usually start by deleting elements until the width issue disappears then add back the last deleted element and see what’s wrong with it.

I’m nearly 80 yo and retired so solving web issues helps keep me sharp :face_with_monocle:
Here’s an example. I deleted the Section shown in the screenshot and the problem disappears.
If you want to follow along do the same then figure out which element is the guilty one.

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Thanks for your advice! I really appreciate that. But the issue is still there. I disabled the section (didnt delete, only made it unvisible) but as soon as i go to the website on my phone, its still the same. Really frustrating…

Look for this in the Navigator >>

Drag it left 1 place and I believe the issue resolved.

At least here it now works ok👍🏻

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It seems to be working on the pc when you in preview. But when I publish the site and go to the site with my mobile phone, the issue is still there. I think i gotta text the designer of the template. Thank you very much !