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Website is displayed without CSS in Chrome browser with active AdBlocker

Hi all,
our website (created with this template: ) is not displayed properly when you want to view it via Chrome browser with active AdBlocker. All the CSS is blocked by the AdBlocker and you see the page completely without style, which looks really bad. Can anyone help me how to fix this problem?

This is how it looks:


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - adlantis Marketing + Consulting GmbH

Easy fix - Disable the broken ad blocker or add and exclusion for your site.

Thanks for your answer. It’s not about me being able to see the website correctly, but that potential customers see the website correctly. The visitors of the website do not know that the problem is related to the AdBlocker and therefore think that it has something to do with our website.

I suggest you consult the provider of the extension for potential workarounds.