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Website is breaking on Ipad pro?


Not sure how to remedy this, but my design is fine on all devices as far as I can tell except for Ipad pro. Is there a way to fix this?


Mabey you can define what is not fine on your iPad pro? A good forum guideline is not to make people do work just to figure out what you are referencing. Answers and solutions come quicker that way. Same reason why marked up screenshots are helpful.

@webdev Thanks for the feedback.

Here is a screenshot of what is happening.

This kind of breaking only seems to happen on Ipad pro.

Here is the page on an actual device.

The page is a slow loader at + 11MB with a mobile score of 31 on Page Speed Insights. So I would work on optimizing the experience first then test across devices. You can debug layout issues on real devices using a service like browserstack.

Ok, great thank you. I will go through and optimize all the images.

Ok, yea. No breaking after I optimized all the photos.

@webdev Thank you for the insight. My Site had way too many really large photos.

maybe vpn will help you?
Why is my post being blocked?