Website interactions help! :)

I am trying to add interactions to my website. I have been attempting to do so for the last two hours or so, but I am having trouble with the control panel on the right.

it allows me to create a new interaction, but not enter the settings panel.
I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I am currently trying to add them to the word ‘modernization’:

please help. any advice is welcomed. Additionally, don’t worry about the look and feel of the site yet. It is no where near finished.

Like this?

Reboot maybe?

You’re in Chrome right?

Hi @Matthew_Kirkham, thanks for the post. The link you gave is not a valid read-only link. Take a peek at the support posting guidelines : Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category. Could you update your post with a new read-only link, in the case you still need help? Also, what browser are you using?


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