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Website in Designer and Published site are different - need help!

I am new to Webflow and trying to build a E-commerce website for one of my clients. What is in the designer looks different than the published site, trying to figure out why. Heres some pictures and my link:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @DRYP_Inc,

Can you provide a picture of how it is rendering on the web page for you?

And can you also provide a link to the published site. It would be helpful to be able to compare them.

Teresa - Webflow Designer


It’s the mobile site where I’m struggling…

Sorry, thought I uploaded it



For the mobile versions, if you go in and adjust the height for those sections and a couple of your divs also, that should solve the problem. You will need to republish to see the changes.


@Pixelpanda I’ve done that and everything looks fine on the designer but when I publish it everything stacks on top of each other. I go back to designer and everything still looks good… so I’m just not sure what to do


Sent you a pm.