Website has short lag on pageload (stops for approx. 1s)

Hi there,
I am experiencing a short lag on pageload, it literally stops for about 1s or less but it feels awkward and I dont know what is causing this issue.

What be amazing, if someone could help me out!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Andy!

Just a shot in the dark, but you could try removing this animation to see if the issues lies in there. I feel like something in it is blocking the page scrolling.

You mean the preloader? Although it is deactivated for all screen sizes it still could be the issue?

EDIT: I deleted it totally from the page, but it seems still a bit laggy on pageload.

I mean this onload animation. Did you try to disable it? Just for testing!

Can you check again, if it is smoother now?

So is a preloader always a bad practice? It felt to me like the page always was visible for 1s before the preloader started and it seems the performance was suffering from the animation?

Or could this be caused by the performance issues that webflow just announced?

Same problem for me, sadly that didn’t solve it. I’ll take a look what else it could be.

The main issue for me that I notice is that once in like every 4/5 refreshes my scroll doesn’t work for a couple of seconds. Do you have the same problem?

Since I can’t publish the website, you might want to simply remove and re-add certain sections until the issue is solved. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it’s all I got!

For me and my site it feels really smooth now after deleting the preloader and its animation. But it is kinda sad, that I am not able to use a preloader as it will then just make performance so bad …

I do think you’ll be able to use a pre-loader! You just need to tweak some settings. I only suggested deleting it to check if it causes the issue :slight_smile: