Website freezing up when you scroll down in Firefox

I’ve tested the home page for this site in chrome and several other browsers, and onlyin Firefox the site freezes up when you scroll through it. I’ve tested it without the interactions and several other elements, yet I’m still having an issue with Firefox for some unknown reason.

Any help would be appreciated.


Please make sure that you test the home page and be sure to scroll down through the entire site.

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Hi I’m on Chrome Firefox MAC and your site behaved wonderfully in it. No halt.

Better than in Chrome. You’re using quite some fixed images in your site and browsers like that or not. :slight_smile:


Here laggy on Chrome but works perfectly on Firefox.
I also think its fixed image issue, especially your map+interaction

Try to remove your transform scale interaction on this image

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Strange. Here’s a couple video-gifs of what three of our developers have experienced. Chrome seems to work just fine, but Firefox freezes up and doesn’t pull up all the sections. I believe that it’s an issue with windows because it seems to work fine on my mac.

Here’s what it looks like on Firefox

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It’s going to depend on the computer’s strenght actually.

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