Website for Berlin based artist. CMS / Blog [VIDEO]

Hey webflow friends,

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

What do you think about my last webflow project? It is a website for the Berlin artist Anne Haight. The website consists of many dynamic elements that can be maintained by the artist herself via Webflow CMS.

All the best


@MariusJurtz It’s a really great website. Simple, clean… I just love it. Great Job!

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Here is a 4 minute speedup video of how I build the home page:

@Anna_Kelian thanks a lot :blush:


Great job Marius! Nice website website and I definitely loved to watch your process!

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Love this!!!

Great job @MariusJurtz :clap:

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great job! :slight_smile: suggestion, you could speed that up again for 2x and add music to it.

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Thank you all!

@PixelGeek thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile: and here it is:

4 Minutes with music by Anne Haight.

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