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Website email address

Good evening. How do I add my email website name to webflow? Example. Thanks in advance.

@legacys7 what do you want to use the email address for? To send a notification when someone fills out a form? To display on the website? Or do you need help creating that email address? Could you clarify?

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Hi Sarah. The email already exist. I’ve had it for several years that’s part of my website. When I transferred my website DNS over to webflow from, I haven’t figured out how to add my existing email over. So for example, if someone wants to email me without going directly to the website, but decide to compose an email message, and use my email address. I need to make sure that their messages are getting to me. Is that possible? The email address is on my business cards. It’s not a Yahoo, gmail etc. It’s the name that I’d created when I’d opened up my Godaddy domain name that I was able to use through my other host, I hope this this makes sense to you.

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Ah, I see. This has to be done with the domain registrar. That’s not something webflow does. You would need a separate service for this. It’s an extra product you pay for, essentially you’re renting a mailbox with a company with your email address linked to it. It allows you to send emails, receive email…
So your domain name registrar, the company you pay for your domain name, is godaddy? This is the product you’d need from godaddy . You can use other email hosting options as well. I use privateemail by namecheap, protonmail also allows you to host your email address. The namecheap option is about $10/year. I’d say protonmail is about the same and the godaddy one is about $24/year. If you’re not familiar with DNS records or don’t have someone to help you, the easiest option would be to use the Godaddy option. I’d assume they would set that up very easily for you. Once that’s configured you’ll be able to receive emails on that address again. They will show up in an inbox provided by the company you chose.

I see. Right now, Simplenet, the host where my website has been for several years, my email goes directly to them. The email domain can be seen when I log into my account at Simplenet. I’m surprised that Webflow doesn’t offer this method. Regarding your question. Godaddy is where I purchase my domain name from. So when I forward my DNS over to Simplenet, my email was added or created at Simplenet. I think that it was the later, about 9 yrs ago. But it was so long ago, I can’t recall what method that I’d used. But from your description, it sounds like Simplenet has both hosting and the “mailbox” method, where I am able to both read my emails and host the site.

@sarahfrison Namecheap updated PrivateEmail recently. Then, my email broke. They’re telling me the only way to fix it is by removing my Webflow CNAME. Have you had the same issue? Has your email stopped?

They’re saying I need to remove these:

@pgoode welcome to the forum! I did have issues at first with cnames and namecheap. They don’t allow you to direct to your site to the root domain ( it has to be I’ve got two a-names and a cname. The cname is the www you’ve got and the a-names are the ones webflow mentions in their set-up guide. This set-up does mean your website will always be displayed with the www. If that’s an issue for you, you’ll need to look at other domain registrars. This has been the case ever since I joined so I don’t know how it worked before the updates. Mine is still working.