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Website don't show the same as preview

please note the video is a placeholder
When rebuilding my site template my projects shows fine in preview but when publishing it shows differently. The bottom half of the site is missing compared to the preview.


also here is a link to the posted site:

Here is my read-only link:

Hi @shaqueal,

Thank you so much for reaching out to the forums!

Have there been any recent updates? When I view the site, all the elements seem to be displaying when comparing it to what is seen in the preview.

Let me know if the issue is still happening, and I would love to be able to look further into this.


No, it still showing the same. The preview is fine, but when you publish the site is when it shows up. please take a look at the publish link. at the bottom of the body, it does not go all the way down. it does the same thing for all the pages I have work on I don’t understand why even after making tweaks is still doing the same thing. The home page, about and contact page.

I figured it out.
If anyone has these issues in the future.

  1. Going to settings in Chrome under Advance settings Scroll down to the bottom where preload page setting is and turn it off. 2. Then clear Your history and cash. 3. (option)close Google Chrome then reopen it. These should fix the issue.

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