Website doesn't load because loading screen won't hide

Hi there!

Maybe anyone already experienced a similar issue with a have now with the website -

It’s just doesn’t load. Once you click the site address you see a star and for there nothing going one.

Did anyone have issues with loading before? How did you fix it?

I wrote to webflow’s support team already for 2 days but they just don’t reply and send be auto message with links to their university.


Howdy @maria_gumenyuk and welcome to the Community :wave:

It looks like your preloader is not “hiding” itself once the page is loaded—but the website is definitely showing up just fine if I manually hide the preload element wrapper in DevTools:

If you reply with your read-only link I’d be happy to take a peek at your interaction so we can make sure the preload wrapper is hidden once the page is fully loaded:

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Thanks for your reply and advise!
Could you give a tip how to switch it off?

I’ll need to take a peek at your read-only link to see how you’ve set up the interaction. If you’re not sure how to grab that, I included a link in my previous post :+1:

i’m facing the same issue. for my website eagleapk. but thank you i found this thread.

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