Website does not look and respond the same way in design mode and as published

Hi Everyone,

I just explored Webflow (anything related to creating a website for that matter) a week ago. So I’m still pretty new at this - don’t be too harsh on my mistake (for sure I overlooked something as to why the site is not working the way I imagined it).

I’m noticing two main differences between the website in the design view and the published website.

1.) The ‘Coming soon’ in the middle shows a different font. The funny part here is that the ‘text’ in the middle is actually an .svg and not a text per se. (See screenshot). Another thing about this issue is that it only happens when I browse the published URL outside of my desktop.

2.) When I scale down the width in the design view, everything seems to respond nicely. However, when I opened the published website - one of the images on the grid rotates 90deg counter clockwise. (see screenshot)

Published site photo

I would appreciate any help/tips on how to fix this issue.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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