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Website Denying Horizontal Scroll on Android

Hi :wave: , I’m fairly new to webflow. I published my portfolio site to see how everything would turn out, unfortunately, my site is denying horizontal scroll on Android devices it works perfectly on iPhone Safari & Chrome. I tried adding custom (below) and overflow hidden for the body but it didn’t

P.s I’m fairly new to code too

I’ll really appreciate any help…

Here is my site Read-Only:
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

[2]: text

Hi @Mwai_Banda,

First, great design, beautiful website! keep up!

Now, Can you explain what it is that you are trying to do? (an example would be even better).
And also, a link to the published site, so we can check it also on different devices.

If you say overflow-x:hidden; it means : disable the scroll on the x-axis for the body (therefore horizontal scroll disabled for the whole site).

Why did you add this if you want to have horizontal scroll?

This is the published site

Well l tried to scroll to the bottom on the website but it won’t scroll on android devices though it scroll perfectly on iphone. the only way you can get to the bottom sections on Android is when you click on the links in the menu.

Well I saw in the forum someone mention that they had experienced the same problem and used that line of code
This is a link to the forum

Your published link does not work :frowning_face:


Hi I fixed it! I changed the height of all sections from VH to PX and now it’s :raised_hands: