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Website Contrast Checker

Hi Webflow Community,

As a brand designer and colour being an important part of the process.

I’ve recently tested this on an online Contrast Checker and found the colours they suggest to pass all levels are awful.

I’m interested to see what other designers thoughts are on Contrast Checkers for web and whether they are credible?

kind regards

David Lewis

What contrast checker do you mean? And what do you mean by “colours they suggest”? I don’t think WCAG suggest any specific colours unless you are aiming to be accessible for colour blind audience, only contrast levels.

Hi Alex, I was using this one

What I meant by “Colours they suggest” as a test I entered my two colour I want to use for a new brand. One of the colour failed so I tested it on the slider to see which colour tone would get approved.

It’s hard to comment honestly. I mean if two colours you wanted to have for a brand are for use on the logo or some graphics then you could use whatever you want. But obviously not all colours look good when you use one as a background and another as text. And that’s what this tool checks

Thanks Alex, I appreciate your comment. I also think you can’t legislate on users monitors, some may have them dark and some may have them lighter?

Sure. But its just a rule of thumb. Following these directions ensures proper readability for users with not perfect sight. Also increasing text sizes helps of course