Website can’t be reached after linking domain to Webflow

Hi there, please can someone help?

I have just added a domain to my site plan and the connection status is showing as connected - I have followed all necessary steps but the website is currently unreachable. Does anyone know a way around this? below are screenshots of the status and result from the browser.


The website looks okay to me.

One of the first places I check is “Is it down for just me?”

And it will tell you if it something that is “only happening to you” or if its something that is "happening to everyone.

Then check “what’s my DNS?”

That site has a set of instructions that will help you identify any issues that might be happening.

Looking fine here too, from NZ.

Web browsers have a habit of caching DNS responses to speed queries, but that can bite you when they change or e.g. you enable https: ( which changes your http: redirects ).

If you’re using Chrome, you can open dev tools, click the Networks tab, and turn off caching. That’s very handy for situations like this, where you want to be certain that Chrome is showing you what’s live.

Thanks. I think it has something to do with my internet because I have tried using another internet to access and it worked as well. Thanks for your help.