Website built in Mollie template broken in macOS Safari

I’ve built a new site using the Mollie template, and it’s displaying fine in desktop Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, but in Safari, certain elements are rendering totally wrong, pushing text behind other objects, or stretching vertically more than they should. I’ve attached some screenshot examples.

Read-only site link:

This is affecting the Mollie Preview site too: Mollie - Webflow Ecommerce Website Template

I’ve asked a friend to test on their Mac and they’re seeing the same behaviour, even on the Mollie preview site.

Does anyone have any tips on what might be causing this in Safari only, and how to resolve it? Appreciate any pointers!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Dustup V2

Since Webflow built it I would reach out to support. If they won’t help let us know.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but the template was built by an independent designer, “JP”, and just sold on the Webflow template store, which doesn’t offer any default support options. I’ve emailed the author, hopefully he’ll get back!

My mistake. Hopefully the author will resolve the issue.