Website breaks in editor

I’m using a sticky nav bar but when the editor loads (the option to log in or the editor itself) It doesnt work properly and acts like a static item. Also there is a weird black bar near the footer of the site.
These things both don’t show when editing in the designer or in the published site. What am I doing wrong?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Here is my published site:
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The black bar is a bar informing you that the editor uses cookies.

It uses the styling from your all paragraphs style, so if you can’t see text, it may be that the text is just black.

Nothing to worry about.

Not sure about the navbar though.

@kevinbrenkman Replied to your support ticket you sent in. :slight_smile:

Hi Drew, I just sent you an email back saying it was solved. I didn’t realise I set the background colour of the body to white so I didn’t see the black bar. I’m seeing the cookies bar and its not that. The cookies bar has margin on left and right and bottom, what I’m talking about is just a black bar at the bottom of the site only in the editor.
I’ll include a screenshot! The bar on home is gone but on about it takes about 100vh.

Heres a read only link:

(Do I need to add those every time or does it update itself?)

As you can see in this screenshot this 46px tall bar is the issue with the class name of html.w-editor:after
This is added by webflow. Is it supposed to be like that? This will be confusing for my client… and it pushes the content up into the nav bar.