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Website Border Color Bug

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @Revolution

Thanks for posting and sorry for the delayed response here.

This definitely sounds like odd behavior. What sites are you seeing this issue occur in? Can you send me the site Read-Only links please?

What steps were you taking when the issue occurred?

Could you please let me know what browser version you’re using by sending me your information from this page?

Thanks in advance!

this bug has been in the system for well over 2 years.

I’ve reported this bug in the past. So have others.

It’s not new.

Thanks for the info and sorry to hear the issue hasn’t been addressed in the past

I’m happy to help address this issue now, and report it to the team so we can get it resolved. I know you have a busy schedule but I’ll need your help to do this.

I have not encountered this issue on my end so any other information you can provide will help us get this resolved.

As a new Webflow user, I’d love to not encounter this bug in the future if possible.

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