Website blocked by facebook (possible SSL problem?)

We can not post our Webflow-Website ( on Facebook, because it says that contents on “” and “” was classified as insecure.

Text on the screenshot is: “You can not share this content, because it contains a blocked link. The content you try to share, contains a link which our safety-systems classified as insecure:, Please remove the link to continue…”

Now I couldn’t find anything webydo-related stuff on our website, wether inside the webflow-editor nor with the help of the Safari developer-tools…

Anyone has an idea/hint, how I can solve this?

plus: we don’t get a correct SSL-certificate when we open (without the www.), maybe that’s part of the problem, too.


if anyone wants to take a look: this is the read-only-link:

Have you made your site previously with Webydo?

Facebook is an elephant that never forgets. Any security issue relative to a URL is stored in databases, used to filter content users try to add.

I tried to clear Facebook cache off your URL but I got the same message, meaning they must have considered a pretty strong warning in the past.

You need to contact them on that matter, by following the link they give you. Explain that you suspect the site was blocked once, but the site is now brand new and should be scanned again.

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There might have been an attempt to make the page with webydo, but as you see I ended up with webflow :wink:
I will contact Facebook again (already did twice) and, this time, describe the problem with this new facts you gave me – thanks!

Increase your chances, sign up as a Facebook developer, LIKE THE DEVELOPERS PAGE (silly isn’t it? :slight_smile: ) and write to them from Facebook with your Facebook ID.

I can’t help you more I’m not on Facebook.

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Good insight – will do that, thanks a lot!

Getting a different error when sharing your site:

Abusive content – what a joke… it’s a page about a fashion-app startup :rolling_eyes:

What I will try to solve in the following days is the SSL-problem. The Webflow-certificate only covers but not *, so I try to get a wildcard certificate.

Now I just hope that Facebook plays along.

@vincent: I registered as a fb-dev and liked their page, bud did not found out where I should write them (there’s no option on their facebook-page). Did you mean on the fb-dev-forums?

The tiniest thing can trigger angry people nowadays, and reporting is almost one click away. A bit too much skin, or nothing really, and your Facebook post disappears, your account is frozen, your Youtube channel is locked up… it is a delicate world we live in :slight_smile:

No I meant following the first link you got, from the error message. But now you’ll be identified as a developer, not someone from the general crowd.

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Aaah alright – will do that, thanks again!