Website blocked after closing nav menu

Hi everyone, i’ve seen a couple of post about this topic but didn’t find any that would match mine and didn’t get it fixed so i’m sharing the issue

So i’ve got 2 menus, one for desktop and one for mobile.
The one for mobile gets full screen and is triggered with the menu button.

Everything seemed ok but after closing the menu, it seems like the website gets blocked. Can’t select text or any button. All interactions get blocked.

I’m pretty sure i’m doing something wrong so if anyone could give it a try I would much appreciate it

Here is the read only link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It might be because of custom code that fixs height to 100vh when clicked on menu button – but you might be forgetting to set height back to auto when clicked on close button

Right now, the website looks and works good, did you solved it?

Hi @pravinakajerry thanks a lot for the answer.
Didn’t solve it yet.

So my problem is: when the website is first lunched with no menu interactions, you can select text, buttons and so on

As soon as you open the menu for once, everything get blocked. it’s like there is still a transparent layer that disables the whole website

Btw i’m sharing the published link because in chrome apparently no interactions were working with the read only link

Regarding the custom code, i’ll try to check it out

I’ll get back asap

Awesome - Watch this video and let me know if you need any help

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi @pravinakajerry thank you so much for the detailed video. That being sad i believe i can get there by my self for sure and try to post it back so that anyone facing the same problem can use this info.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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thanks to the info @pravinakajerry provide me it got easier to get to some related posts.
Found this one and it seemed to work fine.

In the custom code section i’ve pasted this:

.w-nav-overlay { display: none!important; }

Still need to run some tests to check if it is fully solved but for now it seems to be solved.

Thanks a lot for the quick support

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Easy bro :slight_smile:
Help someone when possible

You are champion :raised_hands:

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