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Website Accessibility: Alternate Text for Images

Hi there,

Was just doing a bit of re-reading regarding website accessibility standards etc. One of the things that the WebAIM website at suggests is the use of:

An empty alt attribute (alt="").

In short, if an image has content and function it ‘warrants’ and alternative text, but I have a few instances where icons offer a visual description of what the area of the website is about, however offer no real content of function. Again from the website, “because the image does not convey content and is not within a link…”

I was wondering, to achieve this, is it as simple as putting “” in as the alt text area, as leaving it blank… leaves it blank which is not desirable at all from an accessibility point of view.

Any help would be great, thanks.

Hi, @domin8tor, I am not sure I understand the question, but you can put in alt text for images, and it is recommended to do so, to pick a description for those images.

You want to leave these blank? You can also try putting in some spaces, I am not really sure what your objective is.


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FYI @cyberdave it’s useful to have alt="" when the images only have visual meaning. Otherwise, screen readers read the whole file name, which has a bunch of random characters in Webflow uploads. We just shipped this change: