Website access to customers camera


I would like customers to be able to upload pictures by clicking on a camera image on my site. This means user clicks on camera image, website is then granted access to camera, customer then gets image.

I was told that I need to Ecommerce plus, advanced or business site plan? Do not want to do this. Is there a way to do this without upgrading accounts, things get pricey just for this feature?


In general, you can get camera access using javascript and HTML5’s Media Capture API.
I’ve not built this in a Webflow project but I’ve done it in large education systems where students need to capture and share images of their projects.

It’s not enormously difficult but will involve some settings tweaks depending on your workflow and the devices you want to support.

In a Webflow site, you effectively need to treat it as a static HTML site and the main challenges will be;

  • Where are you storing the uploaded images
  • How do you track users, and which users have access to which photos
  • Can the user return later to see their photos

Etc. It’s storage, tracking, security- application level stuff.
You’ll be building some type of back end application to handle most of that.

Wized might offer something here you can plug in easily?

For the requirements you’ve given, you don’t need ECom. Webflow requires Business plan to upload photos, but that’s if you’re using Webflow forms and/or Logic with uploaded files.

Here, it depends on where you’re storing that image. You’ll need to upload it to some service to capture and store it, even if you’re turning around and adding it to Webflow’s CMS through the API.

Thanks memetican,

So basically I am better off just getting Webflow Business Plan, using there CMS to store files? Basically I want users to upload pictures so I can give them a quote on the work, access to their camera is not nessary but uploading pictures is.

If you’re OK with using just a basic form, with a file upload field, and then having Webflow’s forms submission handler collect that data for you, than yes the Business plan should accomplish what you need.

Another option is to swap out the form with 3rd party form provider like Jotform, which also can do file and camera uploads.