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Webpage is broken after export

Hi guys! My page looks ok, when I publish it to
But when I export the code, it looks broken. I uploaded it here:

Any ideas how to solve this? Thank you!

You have U+2028 Line Separator characters in your source code. Open the exported page from the zip file in a code editor (don’t edit and save) and compare it to the one on your web server. Somehow your page source got mangled.

Thanks Jeff, but this happens when I am exporting the code so it must be a Webflow issue.

Did this issue resolve itself? If not contact Webflow support as this is beyond the scope of what the community can help you with.

No, I still have problems. I tried the chatbot support, hopefully someone will respond.

Andy I would be happy to inspect the code from the original zip file to see if the corruption is present as exported or introduced in the decompress process on your machine. You would need to send me a link to the actual zip (never opened) from WF.

You can reach me via a DM in the forum.