Weblow insists on compressing my images

However, I don‘t want my thumbnail images to be compressed. :man_shrugging:

Here is a read-only link to my website.

I haven‘t selected the HDPI on images, nor have I set any width or height to images. So, I think the problem happens while uploading the images into the Media. Because my yesterday‘s uploads appear fine and not compressed (as in this example), but today‘s upload are compressed (as in this example)

Hi Zlatko, here’s what I’m seeing in your code;

And the link to turn off srcset images if you’d like to.

Wow, that‘s very helpful to hear a video support. So, I‘m replying with a video too.

Meanwhile, I‘m going to keep finding a solution.

Key points for those reading the thread, then details in video;

  • The problem you’re seeing on desktop seems to be that Webflow has generated differently sized variants for each of those pages, so the browser is grabbing the 800px variant on that one. You can regenerate all the variants throughout your site with CTRL+SHIFT+I.
  • However you would probably still want to disable those responsive images ( media srcset attributes ) for mobile devices, using CTRL+SHIFT+O on the image element. Unfortunately that feature isn’t appearing on images that are inside of components.
  • WEBP might give you some interesting added options here for those sizing variants.

Lots of details so here’s the video-

Unbelievable! You solved the unsolvable! You have a beer on me. :beers:

To recap… now I unlinked the component instance for each image and could turn off the responsiveness. That alone fixed my problem.

I know that this is not advisable (which is why that checkbox is probably hidden behind a shortcut), but for now, it has fixed the problem so that I can launch my website on Monday at pixelbazaar.com :blush:

Thanks again for your in-depth support! :pray:

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Hey thanks Zlatko, I appreciate that.
So glad it worked!