Webhooks on order (TEST FIRES)

Hello! I’m trying to create a webhook fire for my client, but I can’t seem to figure out how to start some sort of sandbox area away from the production store to run tests. The way I think I should handle it is to make a $0 item, and order that item, but I don’t want his store to show that item in rotation. I’m down for any type of suggestion.

Hi @Michael_Smith3 :wave: welcome!

There isn’t, unfortunately.

To get around it you can think of solving the problem a bit differently.

You can have your Webhooks trigger on currently live CMS items, and have the message sent to any non-live environment.

Now you can confirm if it’s working before wiring it up to a live endpoint.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, and you need to force a Webhook trigger, try a “staged” or “draft” item instead.

Last resort… if those options don’t work is to either create a new Webflow account to use as a test environment or to simulate the Webhook triggering through something like curl, postman, etc…

Not the answers you’re looking for, but hopefully providing some help :smile: