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Webhook on a form

I created a design on webflow and then exported it to integrate a webhook on it (on a form). But when I “submit” the form it is displayed something like “Accepted” something like that… while I made a “success” version of my form via webflow…
How do I do that?
Thank you so much.

So the site is now hosted externally?

Yes, the site is hosted eternally

Ok. Can you share a link to the hosted site so I can view the code to give you a hand?


The success and error sections for a Webflow form are designed to be triggered by Webflow on success or on error. When you are using this third party tool, those are not going to be triggered. The easiest way to handle the success message, is fo create a new page that is not linked to or displayed on the site; /thanks for example. Then if your third party tool supports redirect on success, provide the URL to the new page.

I looked at the docs for a minute but could not locate the information about form submissions and features.

If you want to locate the correct information, and provide it to me, I will take a look. Otherwise you may need to contact them for support.

Thanks, I’ll check it out